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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hoist the Colors!

The discussion among family members at our mooncake festival dinner centered around the current political atmosphere that is shrouding our beloved country. As a husband as well as a father to three, I cannot help but fear for the future of my boys. My wife and I have contemplated a few times on whether to give up here and move to a better country. However, that would mean that I have to leave my extended family and friends behind. My boys will be devastated if they are to be separated from their grandparents and vice versa.

With that in mind, I think our fear for the unknown is no longer an option here. In my humble analysis, I believe that our local political arena is like a big chess set. On one side, we have:

  • latest! Resignation of the Minister of Law!
  • An incompetent and corrupted leader (not to mention a sleepy one) who’s rating has gone below 41%
  • A government that is weak and corrupted to its core
  • A corrupted enforcement force (this includes police, immigration, local authorities etc.)
  • A barely functioning judiciary
  • A leadership that is bend on using force and intimidation on its own citizens (ISA on three could just be the beginning)
  • A leadership that barely understands the word "economy"
  • A bunch of flip-flop ministers that either contradict themselves or one another in making major decisions that affect everyone of us (eg. when or how to raise/lower the fuel price)
  • A hypocrite government that still prefers the "divide-and-rule along racial line" policy practiced long time ago by our colonial powers although we were taught in school such policy was a BIG mistake
  • A leadership that choose to silence opposite views instead of countering them with sound arguments and facts
  • A leadership that is still haunted by the ghost of an ex-leader
On the other side of the ring, we observed:

  • A new and strong alternative to the existing government
  • A leader who profess equality among its people
  • A leadership that has yet to be tainted with corruption
  • A leadership that promise to improve our economy
  • A group of people that are banded together by common values and ideals
  • A group of people that represents the fruit of our 51 years of independence
  • A group of people that are bend on abolishing draconian laws
  • A group of people that stand by each other regardless of their ideals and belief
  • A group of people that vows to build a better tomorrow
Never before in 51 years of our country's history that all the pieces are so well-positioned. And believe me when I say we will not see another chance for another 51 decades.

It's not the time to be afraid, it's time to step forward and be counted.

It's time for us to unite as a nation!

It's now or never!

Yo, ho, haul together
hoist the colors high
Heave ho, thieves and beggars
never shall we die

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