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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Angel or Evil?

Finally I bring myself to write about the banner that appears on top on this blog, probably because I find Little Skywalker's behavior to be somewhat intolerable recently. He used to be such a good boy for the past three years...

You see, long time ago, I've decided to raise my children to have an independent mind of their own. This is very much in contrast with my traditional Chinese upbringing, where almost every aspect of our childhood decisions are dictated by our parents. They decide what we should wear, what shows are suitable to watch, what food we should eat, which school we should go to, what friends we should have, and of course, what's right and wrong.

Growing up in an environment like this makes us dependent on our parents, who grew up under totally different circumstances themselves. I know, I know, we are taught to respect our elders (along with their decisions) from a very young age. That shows everyone else that we are filial and grateful to our parents. It also help you (I mean when you were a kid) to get on Santa's "Good List".

Unfortunately, overly-dependent on our parents could render us weak when it comes to making our own decisions. This is especially true when people grow up and have a family of their own. How many times do you see a husband or a wife sandwiched between their spouse's opinion and their parents' "advise". While this may not be true for the whole society, but such phenonmena is very prevalent among the Chinese community, especially during my generation.

While one part of me is very frustrated that Little Skywalker is very naughty and selfish most of the time, the other part of me is glad that to see him having a mind on his own. He has an opinion on almost everything. He will tell us his likes or dislikes constantly. If he is upset about something, he will really show it to us. At most cases, when he makes up his mind, it is impossible to stop him! Even so, J and I still did our best to discipline him with some smacking whenever he crosses the line. However, the guilt that came soon after was too hard to bear...

In an ideal world, I would like to have my cake and eat it too! Who doesn't dream of their children to be angels and yet grow up to be a great person? A dream is still a dream. I guess we just have to optimize between over-dictating our children's life and giving him the freedom to live their lives outside our shadow.

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